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Welcome to Wiki .Sucks

Troy Reid documentation that anyone can edit

The mission:

To document Troy Reid and his fraudulent "The Do it Yourself World" and "The Off Grid Project" YouTube/internet business. Anyone wanting to take legal action or YouTube POLICY action against Troy Reid would do well to start here! .Sucks has accumulated so much material on Troy (since January 2016) our forum is bursting at it's seams! Wiki software is the way to continue properly, that will be made obvious as our documentation project unfolds. You'll find the organization of information far superior. Instead of attempting to reorganize the forums... we instead chose to employ the right tool for the job! -Sassy (talk) 12:17, 23 May 2016 (EDT)

And so it begins...

Wiki pages are seldom 100% complete. It's up to the writers to continue the work. If you like to write, we now want to make a "Wiki writer" out of you!

Pages we have in progress, so far:

Each time a wiki page is edited a history of those edits are made. You can always fix someone else's work. -or- Have someone come along later and fix, or ADD TO, your work. No one person owns a wiki page, we all do! This concept might be hard to conceive at first, but it will be made clearer as you proceed. Look at this example here: Special:RecentChanges (EVERY change made on wiki is saved) You cannot screw up. Click around inside the "Special:RecentChanges" page to get a feel for edits and revisions.

Editing help for .Sucks writers

The first thing you should know about editing Wiki pages, and linking content to other pages, is that it's really very simple.

Wiki .Sucks statistics

General MediaWiki basics