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There is some mysterious weather patterns at Troy’s Tiny House Homestead. Weather that seems to only happen in his meadow and not two miles away at the weather station.

The Weather Station

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Ariel map showing the location between Troy's meadow and the reporting weather station
what else needs to be said?

Troy Reid likes to embellish the weather conditions at his Pine Bush, NY location. Before we had knowledge of this weather station Troy would often report weather conditions that were borderline unbelievable. He has said many times that he lives in a micro climate due to living at the base of a mountain. He would would tell people through video and comments that what they were observing as weather in the Pine Bush area just wasn't accurate. I was severely attacked and ridiculed when I found the location of this weather station and made it public to his viewers.

Troy Reid often gets a lot of complaints about his lack of accomplishment, be it The Tiny House on Wheels, his garden, to piles of trash laying everywhere. Troy Reid would often use the excuse of bad weather to justify why he gets nothing done.

Here is a translation table describing the difference between Troy Reid weather and the actual weather.

  • Raining nonstop for a week actually means it rained one or two days.
  • Sideways rain actually means it was raining and the wind was above 15 MPH.
  • Blazing Heat actually means the temperature was in the 80 Fahrenheit range
  • Brutally Cold actually means temperatures in the low to mid thirties Fahrenheit.
  • Hurricane / Tornado winds translate to sustained winds of 20-25 MPH with gusts into the thirties. Reference the Flying Ladder story.

Regardless of the season it is always too hot, too cold, too rainy, too snowy and too windy to accomplish tasks at The Off Grid Project

This information was provided by Back from the Dead :D Thanks! All your hard work and dedication is appreciated


To date there has never been any evidence of a tornado in or around the meadow.

Wind Gusts

If you listen to Troy Reid 100 mph wind gusts are common at the meadow. However we have the actual peak wind readings from a weather station located less than two miles away.

The highest recorded wind gusts for;

2012 - 34 MPH recorded on October 29th
2013 - 33 MPH recorded on January 10th
2014 - 30 MPH recorded on October 25th
2015 - 31 MPH recorded on March 17th

So as we can all see the weather that is supposed to be so different from everybody else is pretty typical and unremarkable.

Torrential Rains

There are weeks of non stop rain at the meadow. Recently 9 days of rain prevented him from working in the garden, however did not prevent him from riding a new mini bike up the hill and over the DRY driveway for an hour or so. See Trucker Bucks video on the off grid motor bike.

In the ‘Stranded at the off grid project’ video he claimed that he had a lake in the driveway and could not get out to get supplies for the next few days that he would be stranded there. After a lot of backlash for the title and contents Troy changed the title to read ‘My car is stranded at the off grid project’ which changed nothing about the content of the video where it is clear that “he would not drive through that. My friend with a truck would not drive through that” Troy claimed it was a lake in his driveway and yet it was clear it was just a mud puddle. If you look at the Trucker Buck video of 9 days of rain, you can clearly see where the mud puddle was and how it had no ruts or depth to it. Troy claims his ground is so hard and rocky that he has to have big equipment to move dirt.

  • So why is he claiming this ‘lake’ will leave ‘ruts’ in the drive?
  • Why is there NO mud puddles after 9 days of rain?

Here are the rain totals for the years Troy Reid has occupied the land in Pine Bush, NY

2012 - Total precipitation 42.88in
2013 - Total precipitation 46.17in
2014 - Total precipitation 37.94in
2015 - Total precipitation 46.17in