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YouTube e-beggar Troy Reid

Garbage is the only business Troy Reid has ever known. But to hear him speak you'd think he was Donald Trump
Troy cannot handle the truth!
Troy: mental age 17

Troy Reid occupies, or doesn't occupy the The Tiny House on Wheels, depending on which story is being floated. The The Tiny House on Wheels is an illegal shanty dwelling situated on rented land located at 61 Forestdale lane, Pine Bush, NY 12566. Troy proclaims he's a Christian, in reality he's a member of Christian Assemblies International (a verifiable cult). Troy is a self described survival expert, electronics expert, computer expert, SEO expert, small engine expert, PHP programming expert (who writes code using only Notepad)... The list may go on, people usually fall asleep beforehand. Troy is actually - in REALITY - a proficient YouTube e-beggar! He has little in the way of skills and earning potential. Troy regales us with his time as a computer consultant living in Manhattan and making $100/hr.All that has been found through thorough investigation of Troy is that he worked as a garbage man... cleaning out the homes of hoarders and persons evicted. Troy is quite the accomplished hoarder himself, perhaps he learned from the best hoarders out there?

The Tiny House on Wheels

In 2014 Troy hobbled together The Tiny House on Wheels. A monstrosity of a shanty dwelling built two feet wider than the rickety old 1980s demolished camper trailer it's erected upon. It is illegal for Troy to occupy this crate but that doesn't stop him from allowing YouTube viewers to assume he does! This assumption bring Troy donation money, which along with his meager YouTube check make up his entire dubious "income".

The truth hurts Troy

Troy along with his 10 brainwashed followers react - to the truth about his crooked business and lifestyle - first with denial then with hostility. But always with lies and demonization of those asking quite legitimate questions. People have been slandered and some had YouTube channels shutdown because of Troy's objection to the truth being told.

Early life

Troy says he was a real wilderness child. Stalking through the forest, camping out and fishing to feed himself. Does anyone really believe this? Troy is afraid to leave The Tiny House on Wheels if the weather isn't absolutely prefect and acorns aren't falling.


Troy doesn't talk about his future except to suggest how much in donations it will require!

Pamela and Molly talked about Troy wanting a million subs and 100 acres in the comments of “From this day forward”