The Tiny House on Wheels

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This article is a "stub", it's meant to be a starting point.


Troy Reids illegal shanty dwelling

Troy Reids Tiny House on Wheels is a blight on this once beautiful (rented) land!

Built on used light camper trailer

3500 pounds per axle x 2 axles on rotted tires. Built two feet wider than then camper that originally was on this trailer. Estimated current weight approximately 20k+ pounds!

Construction details w/ pictures


Add-ons and extras


Troy cannot live in his Tiny House on Wheels. His supporters like to say that fact is known to everyone. But there is no disclaimer on his vids saying he doesn't live there! New viewers are supposed to know this HOW? Telepathy? Troy leads new viewer on, leads them down a road of falsehoods. The reason he lies is because his donations would suffer if he told the truth, it's that simple. $$ Joblessness is something Troy loves!

Zoning is the reason why Troy cannot live at the property. It is illegal to occupy an RV, Camper, Trailer or Mobile Home. This was stated over two years ago and he has stopped talking about it. He has said they can watch my videos and know the answer. Troy has over 1300 videos. What a way to get views. Troy has not given an update on his living situation and if you ask, you will be ignored, attacked or banned.

If Troy admits in a disclaimer that he has not lived at the tiny house for the last two and half years, it means that every charity pitch and fundraiser is a fraud. If he doesn’t live there he has no struggle or strife to gain donations. His apartment will have grid electric, heat and air, flushing toilet and fresh clean water.

Safety issues

Living in the Tiny House

From Troy’s Attorney

The big question that Troy refuses to answer himself is “Do You Live In the Tiny House Homestead?"’’’

Troy retained an attorney two years ago and she has been hiding under the alt MollyDolly. I believe a retained attorney’s word is binding.

It is clear that the perception of the channel is that he is living there daily and having to deal with the struggles of the off grid lifestyle. Troy’s refusal to be upfront with his daily videos is proof that he knows he is misleading people for profit.