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How To Report Troy’s Scam

You can report a scam without having been a victim of the scam. If you have observed a scam in process then it is a GOOD thing to REPORT that to the authorities to prevent others from being scammed.

The Consumer Fraud Website will give you details and links to the proper authorities. 

Websters simple definition of fraud. (Courtesy of Do It Yourself World sucks member)

noun \ˈfrȯd\

Popularity: Top 10% of words Simple Definition of fraud

the crime of using dishonest methods to take something valuable from another person
a person who pretends to be what he or she is not in order to trick people
a copy of something that is meant to look like the real thing in order to trick people

What is the Scam?

The main Scam

is Troy giving the pretense in his videos that he is living on his property and providing a sequential daily video of his life, struggle and progress.

A new viewer to the channel may get caught up in the struggles of this scam and donate money or products to him thinking they are helping someone who is freezing, starving, a victim of evil mean trolls. The whole thing is a LIE. He has not lived on the property since he was evicted two almost three years ago. He SAYS he comes to the property every morning and is still living at the property but not sleeping there. However, he puts a mattress in the tiny house for his girlfriend, suggesting he is living there. She cooks, showers and washes clothes in the tiny house suggesting that they live there. They heat and cool the house suggesting that they live there. So many lies now that the whole business is a lie.

Troy’s videos are of different times and days. He sometimes is using one day’s worth of recording to say this is his daily life for a week or more. He even has 10 shirts of the same thing just so people will not know what day it REALLY IS. He INTENTIONALLY is lying to the public to present to them that he LIVES at the tiny house and has got there with only $5K. All of which are lies. Sucks tracks the weather of the area, he has been caught intentionally messing with the date of his weather station to portray the video was made that day, it is all here at sucks.

The secondary Scam

is the Charity fundraisers that are for his business which is NOT a charity. Businesses raising money for their business is DIFFERENT than a business that is raising money for a charitable cause. Troy has made his income from showing struggling on video and playing on the sympathy and generosity of people who has to go through hundreds of videos to find the truth.

This is abundantly clear in the fundraisers for bringing his PI online date to the US.

  • He played on the US perceptions of what PI is really like saying in the comments that Melanie worked 14 or more hours a day and was paid so very low that it appeared as slave labor. When a comment on Troy’s channel said that PI has a minimum wage AND have limits on hours worked Troy deleted the comment. Proving if she worked that many hours she CHOSE TO.
  • He played on the religious sympathies for support and the ‘right’ of a christian relationship.
  • He said he had enough income to support her however had said MANY times that YouTube is his ONLY income. So he is double talking here, his income is the DONATIONS he gets from the charity pleas on his videos and his fundraisers. So the EXTRA income he needs in the fundraiser is above and beyond the regular donation income he makes from his YouTube business.
  • He bought many unnecessay items WHILE campaigning for these funds, like a motor bike and a jeep. So why did he need to do a fundraiser? He said in a recent video that he makes a LOT of money from a SIDE business of Small Engine Repair. SO FRAUD comes to mind that his use of charity in his business fund raising to have people pay for his PERSONAL expense of getting his now wife to the states. This was promoted from a BUSINESS advertising when it was actually a PERSONAL cause.

An Example of this would be a band that is being paid to play at a bar. The band puts a TIP jar on the stage for TIPS for the people who like their playing. Perfectly legal and fine. However, if the same band put a JAR on the stage to collect to bring the band leader's internet girlfriend to the US THAT IS CHARITY.

Illegal Enforcement

Troy retains Sandra Clowdus aka MollyDolly as his attorney to moderate the perception of his business to anyone who might challenge his business LIES.

The use of a judicial position created a sense of ‘right’ with the channel and promoted income for many of his scams to the public.

Points of Interest for Investigators

  • Elderly Abuse as most of Troy’s benefactors are senior citizens
  • Troy actively portrays at the time of his fundraisers from the very beginning that he is living and struggling at the property. However, he omits that he is sleeping and having normal conveniences at his apartment (either land ladies or other place to live) Therefore the struggles are lessoned in immediate need.
    * The stranded video where he was forced to ride the tractor.  Hinting for a driveway.  He was not stranded as all he had to do is go to the land ladies house and park.
    * The 2 fundraisers for Melanie.  One was for Visa and Plane ticket,  then he had another for Plane ticket and apartment.  During this time he had an  apartment of which there is video evidence that she stayed at that apartment and there was no “extra” expense for an apartment.  The paperwork according to the rapid visa site was less that 1500. and could have been less than that.  Making the $7k that he accumulated way more than he needed.  He purchased a mini bike during that time for pulling deer out of the woods of which was already over with. The mini bike cant pull Troy up a hill let alone drag a deer out of the woods.  
    * More to come 

  • Troy says with all his fund raisers and his sympathy plea videos that YouTube is his only source of income. Recently Troy stated that he has a successful and lucrative small engine repair business, which makes his pleas in his fundraisers and videos a lie. Omission of a detail makes it intentionally misleading.
  • Troy uses the omission tactic to get donations. The generator comes to mind. Troy stated in many videos that his little generator is not working right. what he was omitting was that he was using a NEW Generator the Molly bought him. Because of this omition a generous supporter sends him another generator. Now he has 2. He can now sell one and make money. Because of sucks Troy can no longer sell stuff easily on craigslist of eBay as they will post it on sucks. He does not want his benefactors to know that he is selling their donation. So I suspect it is going into a garage sale or flea market for sale.