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We will document everything about Troy Reid and his fraudulent "The Do it Yourself World" YouTube business! .Sucks accumulated so much material on this e-beggar and scam artist - in 5 short months - our forums were bursting at the seams! Wiki software is the way to go now and that will be obvious as our documentation project unfolds. This site will be modeled after Wikipedia, with many of the same customization. It's our goal to make the Wiki as familiar as possible to our viewers and writers. First thing you should know about creating Wiki pages - and linking the content to even more pages - is that it's really very simple. Second, you'll find the organization of information far superior to our forums. Instead of attempting to organize the forums, we instead chose to employ the right tool for the job... I think you'll agree as the results materialize. Of course the forums aren't going anywhere! -Sassy