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This article is a "stub", it's meant to be a starting point.

Sandy Clowdus practicing law in NY state or something
professional to the core
Sandra Clowdus Facebook

Sandra Clowdus aka MollyDolly

Troy Reids shill Molly pretends to be his retained lawyer, who isn't licensed in NY state. She likes Troys garbage dump bullshit because its not happening at a property near her.

Legal Notice

from the video “from this day forward” July 29 2014 (almost 2 YEARS ago)’'

"LEGAL NOTICE The Law Office of Sandra M. Clowdus has been retained to represent the interests of Troy W. Reid dba The Do It Yourself World and the Off Grid Project. This office will be seeking both criminal and civil remedies against those persons who have harassed, slandered, infringed upon copyright, harmed or placed in a false light Troy W. Reid or this channel. Any person with information regarding this matter may contact the office by email:"

Description for video includes his attorney’s information and for followers to ask for Proof

Questionable Legal Abilities

Many questioned IF Sandra was an attorney at all but there is evidence to prove she is a practicing legal professional. But there are some basic legal knowledge that she is either purposefully shows ignorance of or really has no clue about the law. She even had no clue about jurisdictions and what agency investigates what. So here is a list of the questionable things she has said and done.

  • In the above screenshot you will see the words “slander” I would think a first year law student would write a better disclaimer. Slander is SPOKEN and Libel is written.
  • The “clean hands” rule. Meaning if you are asking the courts for help to settle a dispute you cannot be guilty of a similar issue.
  • An attorney cannot seek ‘criminal’ charges. An attorney can only ADVISE their client to report the issue to the proper authorities.
  • Troy would have to be the one to persue civil case against anyone. This means the BURDEN of proof is ON TROY. If the judge feels he has not proven his case then the case will be dismissed. Even if the defendant never said a word.
  • Also, Slander/libel is ONLY against the law if what is said is proven to not be true. We have Molly stating that all the Trolls post on sucks is copies of what is written in Troy’s and Molly's own comments . Then by process of elimination, case dismissed.
  • Molly is licensed in the state of California. All United States attorneys/judicial systems are based on jurisdiction. Federal, state, county/township, city.
  • There is no court for cyber law/cases. They are tried in the state/county the offender resides in. In this case Troy is working his business out of the state of NY. Even if he is not a resident there his business location is there. It is NY jurisdiction. Therefore Sandra Clowdus cannot represent Troy.
  • It is considered and eithics violation to represent a client outside of your jurisdiction. Sandra went beyond giving advice to a friend but went on to post representation on Troy’s channel and to many of Troy’s followers that questioned his truthfulnes and his residency at the off grid homestead. She went even further to threaten, bully and harass people on troy’s channel, in comments and on other peoples channels.

Troy’s Attorney Tells All he doe NOT live in the Tiny House On Wheels

You have it straight from Troy’s attorney

Here is the thread of many comments that Molly is contradicting herself and her client.

Thread and Link to The Down and Out Video

Molly Confesses That she IS an Attorney

Thanks to the subscribers of sucks, Molly has been exposed as Troy’s acting attorney. FACT

From video comments “Mega Gardening Day & A Serious Accusation

For over two years Troy and Molly have played this scam game on his videos to gain the trust and MONEY of the people who didn’t view 1300 videos to see the truth. This is a great day SUCKS!!!! So now go back and look at all the comments and videos knowing that she is lying. It feels good to be vindicated!!!
Sandra Clowdus, Attorney at Law for the state of California lied to the public for the purpose of profit for her client Troy Reid DBA The Do It Yourself World and the Off Grid Project. She also uses her legal standing with the US Judicial system to intimidate disgruntled customers to be silent.