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Troy Reid spent $700 in donations

And it wasn't on tools or chicken feed or new tar paper or building permits or real lumber or lawyers or things for Melanie!

Wheeling and Dealing?

Troy spent $700 in begged donation funds on a brand new Mini Bike! Troy Reid says it's for hauling dead deer out of the woods once a year. Deer he shoots with his $100 Mosin surplus rifle and surplus ammo! Naturally he calls this purchase "wheeling and dealing", which is code for "I traded part of my rubbish collection for this mini bike, no cash changed hands! I promise!"

Wonder how many vacations around the globe Troy will take this year? In 2015 he went to Australia, India, Philippines, Ireland and then fishing in Canada for Christmas. (Troy is the one "Christian" who does not celebrate Christmas BTW) Not bad for a jobless e-beggar! Troy claims to have been wheelin' and dealin' for this minibike back during the time he was running a "funding" campaign. Because Troy had no money to bring his future wife back to the states! Clearly this is a brand new minibike, and people are now wondering how someone that claimed he needed $2000 to unite with the "love of his life" can find $700 for frivolous toys?

Here is the video!

Troy will not release this video on his own channel. Instead, we found it on his friends channel: Trucker Buck! We're guessing that Troy would rather not allow his viewers to see what he did with the donation money! The money that he begged to supposedly bring his mail order bride to America!

E-Begging jackass Troy Reid showing off his $700 toy