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Melanie has made a deal with the Devil


Mr Porter connections to Melanies Family

Outreach Program From Sucks

National Domestic Abuse Hotline

Toll Free Phone 800 799 7233

Thanks for the research Quiet Kate

Religious Connections

'Troy stated at some point when he was in the PI that he baptised Melanie. (I am currently looking for any screenshot with Troy saying this)’

I believe Molly is talking about Troy baptising Melanie while he was in PI

Molly says Mel is CAI .png

Troy states that Melanie was a part of the church of God prior to being recently baptised into his church now, pentecostal. This was posted in September of 2015 after his visit to PI

Click here for Quiet Kate’s excellent screenshots and the discussion on this


September 17th 2015 Troy published his video of the Marriage Proposal YouTube link Pakdailymotion link
September ?? 2015 Troy baptises Melanie into his church


MollyDolly states on ?? 2016 that Melanie was already a part of Troy’s church. However in the comments from Troy in Sept of 2015 he says she was a part of the church of God but that NOW she is a part of his church.