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Troy Reid is good at something, he is good at lying. Why is he so good at lying? Because he will take a small piece of the truth and expand on that with ambiguous wording. Wording used by some of the best cult leaders ever in existence.

  • When Troy says he is bringing Melanie home. He knows that the unsaid belief with the word ‘home’ is a place where people live day and night. But Troy can spin that word ‘home’ to mean “a home is where your heart is”.

Troy will never give the true meaning of what he is saying so everything he says cannot be trusted. Once a person is caught in a lie, EVERYTHING they say after that is suspect.

  • Troy goes to extreme though when he is caught in a lie. He will go to ‘incredible’ lengths to ‘prove’ he is telling the truth even if that hurts others.

The Perception of Troy Reids business The Do It Yourself World

Nondisclosure for Chris III.png

Troy will protect the public perception that he lives in the Tiny House on Wheels full time with everything he has. From using a retired attorney from California (which was a complete lie as she cannot represent his business in NY or MI) to having his visitors and guests sign nondisclosure agreements.

I should have titled this as Stupid Liar as he doesn’t even know a non disclosure from a non disclaimer

Weather at The Off Grid Project

If you will notice all damage from mysterious weather and so called vandalism is NEVER caught on camera.

Weather damages Tents and Wind Turbine

Troy has 'claimed’ that a ladder flew into his wind turbine des ’Troy’ ing the turbine.
Troy has claimed that the wind blew over one of his tents. When there was no video of the toppled tent the followers questioned if it even happened at all. Then the next video showed a blown over tent that was damaged. Then claimed he had no money to replace it. When the followers questioned him saying “how do you have the money to support a wife from PI and not replace a cheap tent?” Troy’s response was “I have money aside for Melanie but not for this. Everything I have is going to getting Melanie here” In the Mini Bike video on Trucker Bucks channel, Troy stated he got the mini bike right after the hunting videos in October 2015. This would be the same time he was claiming he had no money for a tent.

Questions to Ponder

  1. Why would an honest How-To business need a non disclosure statement from someone visiting his property?
  2. Why would someone be desprate enough to sign such a document?
  3. What kind of prenup or non disclosure did Melanie sign? Or was holding her green card over her head enough?

The Marriage

Troy constantly refers to Melanie as a ‘helper’ at the off grid project. He treats her more like a maid and cook. Is the marriage a lie?

The Tiny House

Troy says all the time that The Tiny House was built with scrap materials. He usually says the phrase “I built” too.

Lying again on how much of the Tiny House is recycled material
The truth is that most of the materials is NEW and Troy had MANY people helping with the build especially the kind hearted John the carpenter.

Here is the screenshot of Troy stating this in his comments.--->

What parts of the Tiny house is recycled?

    * The Trailer frame
    * The Three windows and door on the front of the house
    * The Two sinks (kitchen and bath) and both cabinets
    * The palletwood wall covering and reflected barrier

What parts of the Tiny house is new?

    * All the flooring. The framing, the flashing, the insulation, the decking
    * All the walls.  The framing, the plywood, the tar paper and the insulation
    * All the roofing. The framing, the plywood, the tar paper and the shingles
    * The two windows in loft, the two windows at the back of the house 
    * The stairs, the loft framing and loft decking
    * The shower stall and the composting toilet (Toilet was a donation but new)

The distance from a paved road

Discussed on this thread. Troy is .38 of a mile from a paved road. Troy claims many times that he is stranded. Liar

The Bridge To the Meadow

Thank You Just Me for reminding us of how Troy had the RV Towed to the meadow OVER the bridge that he said could not be crossed with a big truck.

Link to the Thread with this comment by Just Me

‘'"Troy's story of no big trucks being able to cross the bridge has been like a splinter in my mind and I finally realized why. Remember this?"
'Bringing Home The New Off Grid Motorhome Published on Jun 3, 2013' ‘'"What about that big wrecker? Did Troy levitate it along with the RV over the bridge?”’'

Vandalism and Stealing

Troy, how do you know this particular raccoon ate 13 of your chickens?

Troy states that his Trolls trespass on his property and damage his worthless thrown together fencing.

Trolls kill chickens.png

While Troy is telling police that there are Trolls killing his chickens, the real culprits are feasting away. Do you think the cops are laughing their asses off at Troy?



Troy is consistently stating he has no money for something, giving his audience a clue to donate, but really what is he making?

There is a quote from Troy himself saying he gets around 30k views on all his videos a day. A DAY that is a lot of chicken scratch.

What does Social blade have to say? click here for the latest stats on the do it yourself world


Looking for any information on boosters Troy has done and the amounts he raised. Please message me.

Here is a great video of Troy lying on fundraisers for profit.


Although it is impossible to calculate the amount of cash donations we can see from the product donations that there is significant donation level here. So it stands to reason that Troy gets more cash donations than products. So this is some hefty cash. You can see that Troy gets donations when he makes a plea of poverty or need on camera.