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yet, not a single video was made of Joy in her "new home" that Troy claims he found for her, strange
First appearance of Joy the Dog
Joy's home outside in tick meadow
Joy in her last days
what happened to Joy?

Joy had a purpose

The dog named Joy was an elderly beagle that came to the The Do it Yourself World in the video "Pallet Wood Bathroom Paneling & The Ultimate Off Grid Alarm" published on 2015-05-25. In this video Troy Reid states that Joy is a purebred beagle and that he got her for FREE! He claims that her owner died so he went and got her.

Joy's situation

As he continues to speak on video it becomes evident that he doesn't have any attachment towards the animal and shows Joy chained to the bumper of his pickup truck. He described Joy as "natures alarm" and "natures warning system". He goes on to say if any predators come along she would let him know. It becomes clear from the start that Joy the Dog is intended to be kept outdoors in a supplied dog house. Troy doesn't allow shoes to be worn in The Tiny House on Wheels for fear his plywood floors would suffer! Joy was relegated to the outdoors, confined to the tick infested meadow.

Interest in Joy's welfare

There wasn't a lot of video showing Joy which started many great debates in the comments. Where is Joy? people asked. It is said that the ultimate reason for Troy bringing Joy to the meadow trash heap was to increase views on his channel. Troy was noted as saying it would be good for his views because he researched other channels and noted that they obtained more views with dogs. We are not sure if Joy caused any more views but it sure caused an uproar in comments. After many requests of Where is Joy?. He finally made a video with Joy the Dog on 2015-06-19 titled "Joy The Happy Homestead Beagle" hoping it would stem tide of questions, but it seemed to fuel even more debate and many more upset people.

The end of Joy

Unfortunately in the end Joy didn't work out so well at his homestead. Many of Troy's viewers became concerned about the welfare of Joy which cause a flurry of discussion in the comments. As the months past from spring into the summer there was evidence that Troy was abusing the animal by inadequate food, water and shelter. It became so bad that animal control was dispatched to Troy's address to deal with the situation. This happened shorty after he published a video on 2015-09-14 titled "More Fire Wood For My Off Grid Tiny House" where at the tail end of that video Troy shows a lethargic / unresponsive Joy laying in the dirt chained to a tree. This was this video that sparked the call to animal welfare which paid Troy a visit a few days later.

After the animal welfare paid a visit to Troy there was no further video on Joy. This is when the real mystery of Joy began. For quite some time, a month or so, there was no sighting of Joy. Hundreds of comments went unanswered on where Joy was and what her condition was. It became so bad that Troy began deleting and blocking any viewer that asked questions about her. Troy made a few comments stating that he found Joy a new home. To this day speculation runs wild on the fate of Joy the Dog. Troy never did a video closing out the chapter of Joy which has lead to ideas anywhere from animal welfare took Joy to her ending up being euthanize and disposed somewhere on the property. Most people believe Troy killed the animal because all of Joy's articles, such as her doghouse, food and water bowls, leash along with bags of dog food had been spotted long after Joy's departure. Troy had claimed in comments that he found Joy a new home but nobody believed him because none of her possessions went with her.

Will we ever find out the truth of what happened to Joy? One thing is for certain, Troy made a big mistake taking on the responsibility of owning a dog. If Troy HAD found Joy a home he would have made a video about it.