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The Immigration Question This information was provided by Alzdad. Thank you.

Beginning Scam to get a FREE employee for the OGP

Christian Mingle Staged Romance

Troy seems to be skilled at getting people who are having problems in life to come to the Off Grid Project to work. He explains this as ‘’helping’’ down on their luck people with his christian hospitality to work for their keep. The pattern is people who would have something to lose if they did not maintain their silence. The ultimate person though would be a woman from another country wanting citizenship to the US.

  • Melanie from PI - Young beautiful girl who has christian values and can cook. She was willing to believe his church was a Pentecostal Christian Church which as we all know now is just a cover for a Cult called CAI
  • Could the using of Melanie for money and viewers be considered exploitation?

Immigration ICE


Immigrations CAN do surprise Inspections

ICE Investigates Cyber Crime

Quote from the ICE Cyber Crime Webpage

"C3's Cyber Crimes Unit provides the management and oversight of the agency's cyber related investigations by focusing on the transnational criminal organizations that use cyber capabilities to further their criminal enterprise.
This unit provides training, investigative support and guidance to HSI field offices in emerging cyber technologies as well as subject matter expertise in cyber related investigations related to the following areas:
Identity and benefit document fraud;
Money laundering;
Financial fraud (including e-payment fraud and Internet gambling);
Commercial fraud;
Counter-proliferation investigations;
Narcotics trafficking; and
Illegal exports.
The Cyber Crimes Unit is also involved in the investigation of national and international cyber criminals and coordinates the dissemination of investigative leads worldwide."

Reporting Suspected Activity

Report suspicious activity You could CHANGE a life