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Troy Reid: reckless discharge of a firearm, camper demolition

Guns Troy Reid possesses

It is somewhat scary that he possesses (who knows who "owns" them on paper) at least three guns. A bolt action Mosin rifle, an SKS semi-auto rifle and a pistol grip 12ga shotgun. In my opinion if Troy Reid could pass a firearms background check he'd "own" a pistol too. The fact he doesn't... makes me wonder. New York is not considered a gun friendly state.

Threats Troy has made

Troy Reid has threatened to "shoot down" any drones he sees above the land that he rents. He has also made a few somewhat veiled threats that he would shoot at people he considers to be "trespassing" on the rented land. New York State law does not support this type of defensive shooting for the protection of private land. Perhaps it being rented land restricts this further?

demonstrating Troys reckless discharge of a firearm, weapon is pointed up and towards inhabited structures a quarter mile away