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Troy seems to be using the tactics of a non profit church to get FREE labor for his business The Do It Yourself World. I am not sure how he justifies to himself that having someone else do all the work is somehow doing it yourself.’’'

These people seem to have made a bargain with the devil. We have several people that have come to the Off Grid Project to assist in EVERYTHING that Troy will claim to have done HIMSELF.

  1. Chris #1- Showed up October 2013
  2. TJ - Showed up (fill in blank)
  3. Chris#2- Showed up(fill in blank)
  4. Chris#3 - Showed up May of 2016

Almost everyone who assists Troy is having difficult times. Seems they all have something that can be held over them to keep their silence and get a lot of work out of them.


Wanted to come to America. Has to keep silence so she can get her green card. She is doing all the work of a maid and cook like she did in PI.

Chris #1


Sucks discussion on Chris

Chris #3

Signed a non disclosure. Troy is a How-To business including survival and off grid living. What could he disclose that would be necessary for this disclosure agreement?

From the sympathy video

This video is clearly a ploy for donations. Troy speeds through the main parts of boring chopping wood but allows the video to go in normal speed to watch Chris push through what seems like agonizing pain to load wood in the wheel barrow. Chris talks around his illness, even says he has cancer
He cannot thermal regulate blood. Wears the neck brace to keep his neck from crushing his spine (WTF?) Answers why he would rather work than to rest. “With the cancer it is going to kill me I’d rather be doing something that makes a difference...and I just enjoy doing stuff. I can lay around and be miserable and do nothing or I can suffer but enjoy what I am doing.”

Troy states “We eat all organic here” (liar)

No statement of what kind of cancer. If the brace was to prevent the neck from crushing the spine there should be a better brace. Also you will see in the sympathy video there is a lot of his head moving and smashing the brace. link to the sucks discussion

John The Carpenter

I believe John is just a good person that Troy used to get his house built for free. Much like he uses his church members, Troy befriends christian people for their charitable nature.


The convicted child rapist was at The Do It Yourself World homestead for several weeks doing a lot of manual labor. He even complained about it and soon left. After he left TJ had a YouTube Channel where he eventually had a falling out with Troy and stated that he was just at the meadow to do all the hard work while Troy always was on the computer or filming. This information has been deleted so at this time I cannot validate it.