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Eviction Notice

Around the time of March / April 2014 Troy was served with an Eviction notice (not shown) from his landlord (who is now the contract holder) because of 2 violations she received.

  • Department of Health - for dumping waste and gray water on the ground
  • Shawangunk Zoning - for living in a unapproved building

The following is a transcript of Troy reading the two violation letters served to the property owner for which Troy Reid rents land, and now a room at the house. As of July 29th video, Troy shows he is in a land contract. This limits the liability of the parties selling the land to Troy. Probably the reason they actually gave him a contract. See Zoning

The reading of the documents are not verbatim to the actual written documents. These are only the words Troy Reid used to share the contents of said documents.

NOTE: This all transpired before the construction of the The Tiny House on Wheels began so it is clear there are other violations committed after being served these papers.

Screen capture showing two violations served

Transcript begin:

Well.... It may be that the bad guys have won. I have here two official letters, and a request by my land lady that I will have to leave this place. Um,

Ulster County Department of Health
Sewage disposal system.

After an inspection of your property....Blah, Blah, Blah.... No person shall construct, operate or maintain any sewage system so as to expose or discharge the sewage contents or other deleterious liquid or matter therefrom to any waters of the state, to the atmosphere, or on the surface of the ground, or into any storm sewer or drain so as to cause a pollution hazard unless an approval and/or permit for such discharge shall have been issued. Therefore in accordance with the provisions of this section or other provisions of law.

Re-inspection of property... Penalties may be assessed.... Uh... All kinds of other professional stuff.....

Code Enforcement Office
Town of Shawanga


It shall be unlawful for any person to occupy any building or structure in a matter not permitted (which is very vague) by an approved building permit or certificate of occupancy....

Penalties for offenses.... Uh.... Offense punishable by fine or imprisonment or both.

Land lady says this morning, Uh, I think you're going to have to leave.

Transcript End

Missing Eviction Video lives on

Troy can delete the evidence but he cant hide the truth. From the Do It Yourself Boat

The Video Troy admits he cannot live in the Tiny house

A Minor Setback In the Off Grid Project

Notice he says that “this will only last for a couple of months.” This video is dated March 27th 2014, more than two years later. No updates or disclaimer that he is not living on the property.

This was BEFORE the Eviction.

The Truth behind WHO reported Troy for Crapping in the woods

It was Melody Capehart who turned in Troy

From Fixed by Doc: "what happened is that melody reported the blood in the camper video and the police did a health and welfare check on troy over it. in that process they discovered troy was crapping in a bucket and dumping it in the woods... not the same as a composting toilet by any means as it doesn't separate the fluids or accelerate the compost process. any how the cops left and reported it to the health department. then a few weeks later the health department came around when troy was gone and saw the shit piles in the woods that the cops pointed out. they immediately wrote up fines for the owner of the property (not troy)... that led to the landlady issuing troy an eviction notice effective immediately. she didn't have to give a 30 day notice because the place was unsanitary and unsafe for residence.

it just so happened that two days before the eviction and health inspection (on a friday evening) i started a campaign against troy to report him for his illegal toilet procedures and other health violations and requested people to call first thing monday morning. i got herby and several others to call in as well. keep in mind that it takes about 30 days for them to respond to calls when reported by civilians so there is simply NO WAY my reports had any affect on the current happenings that melody had set forth previously with the police...

troy immediately assumed that it was me that got him evicted. he posted the eviction video followed by the video stating he ws going to live out of his truck from several undisclosed locations for awhile until he could fix things. he claimed i personally had won and he was officially homeless... well something along those lines anyhow as it has been awhile since ive watched the two videos :)

at some point shortly afterwards he showed a video of him staying in a room at the landlady's house and said he was renting there from now on. and that was that ever since. from then on business as usual and he continued to pretend he lived at the tiny house without actually saying yes or no to the question if he is.

this is my person recollection of the events and what i recall melody telling me about her portion of them as well. i could send you the two videos if you like via skype and i might have a few of the conversations between me and melody about it where she talks about reporting him if you want them but i would have to dig for them. « Last Edit: May 29, 2016, 11:30:09 PM by FixedByDoc »