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This article is a "stub", it's meant to be a starting point.


evil, filthy FixedByDoc... (Troy's envisioned) supreme leader of the "so-called trolls"

...or just "Doc" is Troy Reids top "sworn enemy!" Doc is considered by Troy to be the "leader" of The Trolls (the "so-called trolls") that are "against him" and want to "utterly destroy him!"

Doc's two YouTube channels

Doc's original channel (#2) was rendered useless by Troy Reids deluded followers. They conspired and reported so many of his comments as "negative" and hateful... that his Google+ was shutdown. This prevents him from commenting on his own channel, useless channel now. MollyDolly and her Power of Three gang is the primary cause of destroyed YouTube channels for those who criticize Troy.

Doc is a pain in the ass and far from saintly but MollyDolly's gang is just despicable in their tactics.