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Troy has done some DIY projects by himself. I would like to list them with a rating. Fail, Pass, Successful

Project Pass Successful Fail!
Broken Solar Cell Panel NO NO YES
Boxfan Wind Generator NO NO YES
Bicycle Generator MAYBE NO NO
Forklift Batteries NO NO YES
Water Tote rain collector NO NO YES
1st Hot Water tank NO NO YES
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Broken Cell Solar Panel

This only lasted one year and we have only Troy’s word that it lasted that long. The casing had gaps and allowed moisture to get in, thus making the panel useless as it would short. Troy also has this listed as an e-book for sale on his website. It is a failure so why would anyone buy it?

Boxfan Wind Generator

Troy never used this on the homestead but he lists it in his DIY how to books.

Bicycle Generator

This was on a few videos in the beginning. He used it very little then and has been MIA for over 2 years now. I rated this as pass because it does work but why did he not use it for very long? My belief is that it was easier to whine on camera and get donations of expensive solar panels and wind turbines than to peddle a bike
This type of generator has many plans available online and on YouTube. Troy never really demonstrates how to use it in an off grid setting. he has one video and really doesnt show anything other than it produced some energy. He didn’t show how it would work over time or how it may have saved his arse in the survival days before tons of donations.

Forklift Battries

Troy Trickle charged forklift batteries with his solar panels. Forklift batteries require a certain level of amps to push the watts to the battery. (unverifited) A link to homboundwizard’s videos talking about how his donation was misused even after giving Troy the correct instructions.

Water Totes

Of course Troy it tasted funny! Idiot

Troy purchased 50 water totes off craigslist that was advertised as NON POTABLE water totes. Here is the screenshot of the ad. Great catch SUCKS :D We appreciate you being on top of Troy’s potential lies to keep him semi honest :D

The water that will stand in this tank has whatever bird crap and other nature waste products festering into bacteria ridden water that Melanie is washing dishes with, clothing with and showering in. Wells have natural filtered water that eliminates that waste.
I am not a rain catch expert so to have one edit this with good information and references to a properly used system would be great.

1st Hot Water Tank

Leaking Like a sieve

At 8:28 Troy starts install 20:38 it pours water

At 8:28 Troy starts install at 20:38 it pours out water. Troy turns the valve 8 times before ending the video with the problem unresolved. A true Troy statement "Everything works but it leaks" His written conclusion is that he didn’t drain ALL the water out and should have used an air hose to make sure. FACT: small amount of water freezing in that tank would NOT break the seams of the interior plumbing. Not draining it at all WOULD. So Troy you justify your stupidity with more stupidity.