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This article is a "stub", it's meant to be a starting point.

Troy keeps buying more chickens!

Troy Reids chickens suffer greatly under his "care". He blames raccoons, children, trolls and Bigfoot. Troy blames everybody but himself!


This is from Ulster County Codes

§177-20. Agricultural uses, livestock

  • A. Farm buildings housing animals shall be no closer than two hundred (200) feet to any property line. Accessory farm buildings not housing animals shall be no closer than fifty (50) feet to any property line.
  • B. The keeping of livestock for commercial purposes shall be allowed on property of ten (10) acres or more.
  • C. The keeping of horses and cows on properties of less than ten (10) acres shall be at a density not greater than one (1) animal per acre.
  • D. Domestic game fowl for noncommercial use shall be limited to twenty (20) birds per acre unless kepton property conforming to the definition of a “farm” as stated elsewhere in this chapter. Such fowl shall be adequately housed, fed and confined so as to prevent objectionable conditions being experienced by neighboring residential properties within the zoning district.

Tiny Chicken Tractor

Troy keeps building these tiny chicken houses. They are too small to house the birds he has. Troy will listen to the comments and then change in his description what his is doing just to make the viewers less upset with him. In the Finishing the Super deluxe chicken tractor Troy finally said in the comments that he was going to set this little coop inside a bigger coop. Although it is just Troy talking and we will have to fight hard to SEE they are really protected. He has ZERO credibility so hold him to SHOWING it.