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’'Implications of legal issues with The Do It Yourself World’'

The Do It Yourself World Business

What constitues as a business?

ANY activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

  • You do not have to have a business license. This is only necessary for certain locations and types of businesses
  • You do not have to make more than X amount as this is only needed for IRS purposes

The Business Laws YT Channel Owners must comply with



This video shows evidence of fraud by Troy on his fundraisers and donations.

You cannot lie to gain profit.

Media Production Company

• Reality TV vs Entertainment


Troy uses YouTube as his marketing and advertising platform but he also uses it as a Customer Service section for reviews of his media products.

  • When Troy could no longer control the perception he wanted his viewers to have, he retained an attorney to take care of it for him. The Down & Out video explains a lot. Since the creation of sucks it is known that MollyDolly is that attorney. She aggresively berated, insulted, harrassed anyone that she or Troy determined was a threat to the perception of the videos.
  • The Power Of Three was created between Troy Molly and Ssanf. This was part of the Troll creation so Troy could continue the misrepresentaion of his business to the public and have a good vs evil concept in the comments.

This is nothing short of mob tactics being used on the internet to silence the victims of his scam
Molly, being an attorney, advising Troy on his business practices makes her an accomplice. Because she is an attorney and knows the law she deserves a harsher punishment than even Troy. She KNEW better and still acted and plotted in the scam.
Molly has implicated that because she is not being paid by Troy she is not actually his attorney. But money does not need to exchange to have an attorney client relationship. By allowing her information to be listed as Troy’s business (DBA) she accepted being his counsel.


There are several legal implications for Immigration, including the charity type funding to pay for her Visa process, paperwork, clothing and plane fare
Here is a great post by Alzdad on Immigration Fraud

Where does Troy’s income come from?

If this income is not stable how does immigration see this?

The Tiny House On Wheels

This structure was built in place of a camper. Since it is unfinished the zoning board may not be enforcing review for occupancy. Also in order for Troy to have the Tiny House considered a home built camper he would have to take it to the DMV and have it inspected. Because the Tiny House is 10 ft wide it will not pass the DMV standards to be pulled on the road. This would then classify it as a portable building or Mobile Home. This would then have to be inspected by the State hi way Patrol to have a VIN # assigned to be registered. Then if the building was to be moved it would require a licensed moving company to move it. Permits would only be issues when a route plan was submitted and utility companies approval to remove wires and replace them.
This would be a huge expense for a short distance.

Zoning Of the Tiny House On Wheels

The Land is zoned REG 4 which is Agriculture

Grey Water

Hazardous Waste

Even though the area might allow ‘dumping’ there are certain kinds of materials that MUST comply with EPA and DEC regulations.

  • Asbestos
  • Lead

Campers/Trailers/Mobile Home

The wording that Troy uses is key to understanding this Tiny House scam he is perpetrating. Zoning does not allow in his area living in this type of structure.
Because Troy is not on the deed to the property (see Land Contract) he cannot pull permits to build a permanent structure. He would first have to do a perk test and if that passed then he would have to have a certified company install a legal septic. However, due to the land being so close to protected wetlands it is possible this would never be permitted even IF Troy was on the deed.


The Zoning laws only allow camping on the property. I am looking up how long and in what context the camping is allowed.
Having a propane heater and cook top that is used on a daily basis and without supervision should constitute as occupancy in an uninspected building.
Having a wood stove burning continuously in a building not certified for occupancy is also a potential legal issue.